Q: How far is Buckhorn from Toronto?

Buckhorn is approximately 2 hours north-east of downtown Toronto (see route)

Q: How far is Buckhorn from Ottawa?

Buckhorn is approximately 3 hours west of Ottawa (see route)

Q: How far is Buckhorn from Peterborough?

Buckhorn is approximately 25 minutes north of Peterborough (see route)

Here is the Google Map location of Buckhorn

Q: Can I bring my snowmobile?

Yes you can! Buckhorn has over 200 Kms of groomed trails to ride or ski, easy access to all O.F.S.C. trails, and club events to take part in, winter is a season you will truly enjoy. Parking is available at many lots located throughout the system and rides can be easily planned with our comprehensive trail map. The clubhouse is located 1 km east of Buckhorn on Hwy. 36. Remember, when you buy your O.F.S.C. trail permit from one of the club's sponsors you become a member of the Buckhorn District Snowmobile Club and membership is now over the 1,000 mark!

Q: Is my family going to enjoy Buckhorn?

Buckhorns location offers a short drive to many tourist destinations. Located in the heart of the Kawarthas and in the Canadian Shield,, Buckhorn and the surrounding area is rich in historic destinations, fishing opportunities (summery and winter), boating, skiing (summer and winter), beaches, dining and nature trails.

Your Family: Since you want this to be a relaxing and enjoyable time for your family make sure everyone gets plenty of rest. Don’t over schedule your itinerary or everyone will become exhausted. We have all seen children on family vacations having a complete melt down. It is mainly due to too much activity and not enough rest. Even parents can become exhausted. Make sure you schedule key activities so you can purchase tickets in advance and then let everything else just fall into place throughout the day.