Summer in Buckhorn

What began in 1978 as a way to pay the mortgage on the Buckhorn Community Centre, has evolved into an annual three-day event in mid-August that attracts over 100 artists from across Canada and the United States and visitors from around the world.

In recent years the community centre has welcomed artists from as far away as Kenya, Japan and New Zealand and in 1998 attendance topped 20,000. Visitors continue to be enthralled by the unparalleled combination of wildlife, nature and native art displayed in a natural setting. The Amateur Art and Carving contests, a highlight of the Festival, are growing in popularity and participants. Patrons have a chance to view today's early works by potential masters of tomorrow.

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival

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A Paddle Through Buckhorn's Heritage Buckhorn offers some of Central Ontario's most rewarding recreational canoeing opportunities. Whether you are a die-hard canoeist, or just enjoy experiencing nature from its grass roots, the Buckhorn area is just waiting to be explored.

You may set out on a leisurely paddle along the shoreline of Buckhorn Lake, or for the adventurous, a two-day trip down the fast running Mississagua River. Its eighteen portages and numerous rapids will quickly remind you of the physical and mental demands of river travel.

The Scott's Mill dam is another launching point for a shorter trip down the Mississagua. The river grows wider as it passes under the highway 36 bridge where the Canadian Geese, Ducks, Great Blue Herons, Muskrats and Painted Turtles are commonly seen. The rocky bottom of the river is painted with the stories of previous travellers to conquer the majestic Mississagua River.